If your organisation wants to:

  • See happy, healthy employees, producing their best work
  • Get absenteeism down
  • Avoid health and safety incidents
  • Give the right support at the right time

Then making sure you have a wellbeing approach that caters to the many not just the few is crucial!

A report commissioned by the Australian Government National Mental Health Commission found that for every dollar spent on creating a mentally healthy workplace, the organisation can expect a return of $2.30 on investment (2.3 ROI) (PwC, AU).
In the US, where healthcare is not publicly funded, employers reported a 6-1 return on their investment, in terms of medical cost savings and reduced absenteeism. The reduction in absenteeism accounted for almost half of those savings.
European studies estimate for every Euro spent on wellbeing there was an ROI of between €2.5 and €4.8 due to reduced absenteeism.

You can't afford to not address Wellbeing if you want to see successful outcomes, quicker.

Inside Your Toolkit

  • Live & Virtual Support

    We support you through live consultations (bookable inside the toolkit) and our virtual guides help you navigate and use the tools every step of the way.

  • Ready-made tools

    From conversational cheat sheets to communication sets, to a purpose built survey (and more), it's all been built for you so you can get on with helping create an approach that takes care of your peoples wellbeing.

  • Data & Insights Report

    Ensure you're recommending and creating a pathway that's tailor-made for your organisation; based on defined data and insights from your results report - created specifically for you.

Make An Impact

This toolkit is for time poor HR professionals who want to get on with making an impact inside their organisation.

Unlike an online course this toolkit is for people who want immediate support and practical tools. Helping to embed a holistic wellbeing approach that benefits individuals, teams and your organizations success.

We appreciate HR people are always very considerate with who and what they invest in so we've opened up not just section 1 of the toolkit but also section 2 - Connect, Discover & Plan. This section lets you book time with us and ask any questions you may have about the toolkit....All absolutely free of charge.

Holistic Wellbeing Toolkit

This toolkit provides you with guidance, ready-made communications, a way to engage and involve your people, and many other tools. Helping you rollout and embed a holistic wellbeing approach for your entire organisation.

  • Align thinking and gain support with the Influence and Inspire set. Helping you talk confidently about holistic wellbeing, the commercial and people benefits, and how this process will run from start to finish. Engaging and enabling your board, owners or senior leaders to align and support your initiative faster.

  • One-to-one live support that gives you that helping hand without getting in the way. Connect with our senior Culture Movers, experienced in leading major change initiatives like embedding Holistic Wellbeing into organizations of all sizes.

  • Build awareness and curiosity with our 'done for you' communications set and launch plan; helping you build credibility, engagement and trust about what you're doing, why, and how you want people to be involved.

  • Engage your people with our Wellbeing For All survey. Specifically crafted statements and questions that draw out key information. Use the results to hone in on key areas that will help your business embrace a wellbeing approach faster.

  • Enhance confidence by providing recommendations on future actions and ways forward with the data and insights report. A comprehensive report that shows clear results from your survey, and highlights insights that will help provide solutions specific to your people and organisation.

  • Create a climate for change with our Pledge template (and utilising key information from the Data & Insights report). This gives people clear direction on what's expected when it comes to your wellbeing approach.

  • Delight and deliver a Holistic Wellbeing Series to your workforce. Six weeks of simple tips and tools that are easy to understand and use - at work and at home.

  • Reconnect, update & adapt with our check-in survey. Making sure you can adapt your approach based on the needs of your people.

Your Guides

Culture Guide

Emilija Nikolic

Over the past 25 years Emilija has helped organisations all over the world, improve their workplace culture. "When people have positive experiences at work it naturally leads to better outcomes in other areas. Areas like customer relationships, team work and of course the bottom line. These ketes (toolkits) help put culture at the heart of what you do, making thriving communities. Not just at work but at home as well."

Culture Guide

Sheryl Jensen

With 20 years of experience in learning and development for both people and products, Sheryl saw a need for useful toolkits (ketes) rather than courses and programmes that just talked about the theory. "People have the ability and willingness to make a change when it comes to enhancing their culture but they often lack the support and tools to help them achieve what they want to. These culture ketes provide people with the tools and support they need, to learn as they do the work. Giving them the confidence to provide value to their organisation instantly"

Holistic Wellbeing Toolkit

Want to see what this toolkit is like before making the full commitment? Click FREE PREVIEW and you can do the first two sections absolutely FREE!

  1. 3
    • Getting Leader Support

    • Top Five Questions Answered

    • Conversational Guide And Cheat Sheet

    • Journey Presentation (Game plan)

    • Support Guide For People Leaders

  2. 4
    • Using the Communications Set

    • Communicating the Holistic Wellbeing Journey

  3. 5
    • Engaging and involving your people

    • Your Survey Details

  4. 6
    • Your Data & Insights Report

    • Book your debrief session with Culture Movers

  5. 7
    • Creating A Climate For Change

    • Holistic Wellbeing Pledge

  6. 8
    • Delivering content to your people

    • Physical Wellbeing Tips

    • Mental Wellbeing Tips

    • Financial Wellbeing Tips & Tools

    • Family Wellbeing Activity

    • Cultural Wellbeing Tips & Tools

    • Spiritual Wellbeing Tips and Tool

  7. 9
    • How To Keep The Momentum

    • How to keep up momentum

  8. 10
    • Final Thoughts

    • Let us know what you think


Invest in your peoples wellbeing today to start seeing the benefits sooner.

You have access to the toolkit for 12 months and can download all the tools inside to use multiple times.

Pricing includes everything in the toolkit for 1 user (one log in). If you require access for multiple users then please get in touch.

The survey tool is accessible for up to 1000 employees.

Need an invoice? Let us know by emailing curious@culturemovers.co.nz